Incoplan has installed plants in five continents, even in countries using age-old traditional methods for wood drying and where special attention is paid to the quality of dryer systems.
The operative head office is in Mareno di Piave, fifty kilometres to the north of Venice. The office complex is situated outside the production units and is home to the general management,  technical services, commercial and administrative divisions. It has been built using the same components used for the drying systems, and a large glass wall is a symbol of the transparency  found in the relationships the company has established in the marketplace.
Next to the offices is the factory where the structural elements are produced (columns, trusses, panels), process components are pre-assembled (heating, ventilation, humidification) and  where quality control and testing is carried out on the Classe Modular dryers.
The network of agents and distributors has highly motivated people and organizations, capable of promoting the exceptional performance levels of the product and with specifically related  professional experience and skills. They are in a position to provide the user with appropriate knowledge to ensure that system performance meets with the demands of the current situation.

The business started in partnership back in 1978, but the turning-point came in 2002 with the adoption of its own brand name, based around an inner core of operative associates, each having  its own but complimentary sphere of specialization, and which brought together a body of personnel having many years of experience and undergoing continual technical training. This  interaction within the company was translated into the highest level of integration of skills and know-how
Thanks to a strategy strongly customer oriented, Incoplan is ready to manage each personalization like a standard project. The flexibility of Incoplan organization allows the company to be  competitive all over the world adapting special successful solutions for many different markets.