product lines
Installations for the heat treatment of pallets and untreated wood packaging material in accordance with ISPM 15 - FAO - International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures, with engineering  solutions and construction in accordance with local regulations.
According to this directive, every batch of raw wood packaging destined to foreign markets, it must undergo a phytosanitary treatment that involves exposure to heat at 56°C for 30 minutes.

The Incoplan experience, gained in the design and manufacture of dryers for wood, enabled precise solutions for those rules which require drying and sterilization of all types of pallets and  wood material for packaging.
A range that provides customized solutions based on the ratio of quantity / cycle, the company layout, energy resources available. Also the sizes of plants for the treatment are flexible and  can contain from 200 to 2000 pallets per single cell. Incoplan is able to expand and enhance existing plants and connect new plants to any working installation.
Systems with indirect burner, fueled by natural gas or LP Gas, traditional heat exchangers with hot water or superheated water, which allow to conduct both the sterilization and drying of  pallets and any wood packaging.
sterilization chamber for pallet and wood cages