product lines
The most outstanding achievement of Incoplan is the degree to which the Classe Modular 3000 has been developed, a concentration of advanced solutions for the drying and vaporization of wood.
INCOPLAN's products are notoriously reliable, made entirely in our factory and with components from Italian manufacturers, our suppliers and partners.
That is confirmed by the granting of 10-Years Warranty on structural components and 3-Years Warranty on all electric and electronic components.
drying management
coating panel
drying kiln easy to assemble
wood dryer connections
Structure planned to be able to stand to any climatic condition
Exclusive Incoplan design for Extruded Aluminium profiles
Doors Type with many configurations up to customer requests
Frontal or Tunnel configuration
Designed to reduce the construction and assembling time
Aluminium alloys structures of certified quality, acid-proof and resistant to tannin
• Highest constant thermal insulation
• Exclusive Incoplan design
• Pre-assembled modular panel, aluminium and stainless steel made
• Water repellent mineral wool high density
• No silicone sealant
• Same panel both for side walls and roof
• Time for assembly reduced of 60%
• Assembly with all weather conditions
KDM controller manages the drying cycle automatically, monitoring and recording all the events. It can control:

• Up to 16+16 wood moisture probes - WM
• Up to 8 EMC sensors with cellulose plates
• Up to 4 RH digital sensors
• Up to 8 wet/dry bulb stations
• Up to 8 Air Temperature sensors
• Up to 16 Wood Core Temperature for HT Treatment
• Up to 8 Anemometers sensors
• Possibility to install Digital thermometers
• Up to 2 Temperature sensors for thermal fluid
• Proportional actuators control
• Up to 24 phases in the drying programs
• Setting of EMC/ WM sensors, temperature gradient
• Energy saving applications and planning time band for fans
• Automatic Saving of drying cycles history
• Standard drying programs for any wood species
• Drying rate