product lines
The research applied to the drying efficiency and performance of the kilns, implies a set of knowledge, which allows Incoplan to design and implement:
• systems "turnkey", including the design and supply of gas / oil / biomass boilers with complete hydraulic system
• "RECO" wood reconditioning equipment, used especially in the markets of South Africa, South America and Oceania
• systems with special materials such as stainless steel with internal temperatures up to 220 ° C
• ovens for drying of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants.
• machines for the treatment of pine cones and seed extraction, for the forestry industries.
• plants for special applications such as the expansion of PVC panels and the polycarbonate's hot deformation
• prefabricated structures made in steel or aluminum
• industrial doors
• covering panels
• metalworking and machining aluminum