product lines
Installations for conventional drying process with high performance and capacity from 20 to 300 cubic meters. Front loading or tunnels are suitable for drying conifers, deciduous and tropical species as they reach optimal percentages of final moisture content, simplifying following processes.
The power supply can be hot water, superheated water, steam or diathermic oil.
The dryer has a structure of aluminum alloy with mechanical and chemical characteristics suitable for the drying process of wood; thermal insulation thanks to the exclusive panel COAT, unique silicone-free
The system of ventilation, heating, spraying and the air exchange components are made with high-grade and high-performance materials. The management system of drying is equipped with innovative technologies to ensure energy saving and quality of final drying, reducing to zero scraps for defects caused by drying.
Topline dryers are compatible with the system HIFLOW, which allows energy savings of up to 50%.
incoplan drying kiln